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March 16, 2012 / George

Superluminal Neutrinos are so 2011, or, Way To Go Einstein!

Superluminal Neutrinos are so 2011 | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine.

Kind of disappointing but also kind of a relief in some ways, superluminal neutrinos were a mistake.

This is why I love science.  They make a claim, backed up by evidence and repeat-ability. Independent attempts to repeat fail, they find the flaw in the experiment, and all is well.  
Anti-science crusaders have tried to say “science is flawed, see? Because they were wrong about the speed of light!”
Well, even if they were wrong, they were willing to admit it, and they did experiments to decide if they were wrong or not. This is the difference between Science and Faith / Dogma.
Take that, religion.

Just last month OPERA itself announced that they had located a couple of possible systematic errors in their experiment, without actually backing off the original result. But lets just say things haven’t been looking good.

Now we have what might be the nail in the coffin: another experiment, ICARUS, at the same laboratory in Gran Sasso in Italy, has reported an independent measurement of the neutrino time-of-flight from CERN. (The CERN twitter feed points to an frustratingly vague press release; more useful info from Tommaso Dorigo.) Answer: spot on the speed of light.

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