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July 8, 2012 / George

“Boot Up Your Ass” American Amber Ale In The Keg!

Hopville . “Boot Up Your Ass” American Amber Ale Recipe.

This was a last-minute brew, cobbled together from leftover ingredients, and meant to be low-gravity and ferment quickly in time for a July 4 keg. It was ambitious, especially considering that it will be my first keg… and I decided to let it sit in primary for a week and carbonate slowly instead of forcing it quickly for better quality. OG turned out at 1.045 instead of estimated 1.039, probably due to only eye-level measuring, but considering that, it’s not too bad. Final Gravity was 1.016, so the final ABV is 3.2%.  That’s right around what I wanted, a smooth-drinking session ale for summer.

It’s been kegged, which was WAY easier than bottling, and now it will sit with the CO2 connected to it while I’m on vacation. When I return, it should be ready to drink – right out of the taps of my new kegerator!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the name, since it was Independence Day, I wanted to name it something patriotic. I went with “Boot Up Yer Ass” in honor of Toby Keith’s horrible song, so much like Toby, it talks big but doesn’t do much.


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