PLEASE Vaccinate Yourself And Your Children

Please. Herd immunity is an important concept that needs to be understood. It’s very simple.

A little baby, not even two months old, is recovering from a nearly-fatal event that was totally preventable if enough people were vaccinated. Herd immunity would have prevented this whole thing. Natalie is too young to get a pertussis vaccine herself, so babies like her rely on adults — us — to be immunized against these diseases.

Adults should have a pertussis booster every ten years. I got my TDaP booster a couple of years ago.  Just two months earlier, unbeknownst to me at the time, a little girl in Belgium named Lore Darch died from pertussis at the age of 83 days. Her father, Danny, wrote a diary for her as a memorial. Read it if you can. I did, and my heart aches so hard it’s a physical pain.

Like David and Toni McCaffery — who lost their daughter Dana to pertussis — Danny and his wife Katrien have become vocal advocates for vaccination.

Antivaxxers are wrong.DON’T believe them about vaccine ingredientsDON’T believe them when they say they just want to educate peopleDON’T believe them when they say vaccines cause autismDON’T believe them when they say vaccines don’t work.

Vaccinations save lives. It’s that simple. Go talk to your doctor. NOW.

via Whooping cough outbreak in Boulder | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine.