N.C. marriage amendment up 20, close if voters informed

Everyone, please read and be informed.  Please tell your friends and family to vote NO on Amendment One if you have any interest in gay or straight couples being allowed to form domestic partnerships.  This is NOT just about gay marriage.

The marriage amendment which will be on the ballot during the May 8th North Carolina primary continues to lead for passage by 20 points, but if voters are informed of its negative consequences for the potential future passage of civil unions for gay couples, it would narrowly fail.

58% of likely primary voters say right now that they would vote “yes,” while 38% plan to vote “no.”  But at the same time, 51% of these voters support some form of legal recognition for gay couples’ relationships, either full marriage or civil unions.  34% of those folks are planning to vote for the amendment.  Because of that, if informed that the amendment would ban both marriage and civil unions for gay couples, support goes down 17 points to 41%, and opposition rises 4% to 42%.

Part of the problem is that voters are not well informed about what the amendment does.  A 34% plurality say they are not sure on that question.  Almost as many (31%) do know that it would ban both gay marriage and civil unions, but then not many fewer (28%) think it would only ban marriage.  7% actually think it would legalize gay marriage.  Those who think it bans solely marriage rights are voting 67-30 for it, so 8% of North Carolinians, while misinformed, are voting against the measure simply because they think it bans same-sex marriage alone.  Of course, those who think a “yes” vote actually legalizes these unions are voting by the same margin for it.

via N.C. marriage amendment up 20, close if voters informed – Public Policy Polling.

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