Please Vote Against Amendment One Today!

Amendment 1: Opponents make final appeal and hope the polls are wrong | Citizen.

This is the kind of idiocy we’re fighting against. Don’t let them have this victory!

The day a same sex couple can reproduce naturally is the day that their union will be recognized as a couple. They must evolve naturally.

Today’s the day we slam the brakes on the queer bus in NC. Let’s go, people! We can turn our country around!

Your ignorance is astounding. Evil must be opposed. Evil tears down. It destroys. Homosexuality is evil. It will eventually destroy all it touches, including countries, governments, and societies. It’s only a matter of time. I AM ashamed. I am ashamed of your naivete. I am ashamed you don’t know why it’s necessary to hate evil. You obviously were (mis)educated in government institutions.