Poll: Obama Up 8 Points In Virginia, 1 in North Carolina, 281 Electoral Votes

Poll: Obama Up 8 Points In Virginia, 1 in North Carolina | TPM2012.

President Obama has a big lead in Virginia, a once-solid Republican stronghold,according to a new survey. Obama’s performance is powered by near uniform support from his own party and strong numbers among independent voters. The president leads by a single point in North Carolina, a state that leads more strongly Republican.

Obama leads Mitt Romney by 8 points in the new poll from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP), 50 percent to 42 percent. Ninety-two percent of Democrats support Obama, against only 4 percent who plan to defect to Romney. The former Massachusetts governor’s grip on his own base isn’t as tight — 89 percent of Republicans say they will go for him while 9 percent say they’ll vote to keep the president in office.

According to the PollTracker, Obama now has 281 electoral votes based on polling. Only 270 are needed to win.