Happy Birthday, 21st Amendment! Prohibition’s Repeal Turns 79 Years Old.

My family owned a restaurant, Asheville Lunch Room, in Asheville, NC and sold liquor there during prohibition. (Larger Photo Here)

My grandfather and great uncle ran the liquor between home and the restaurant, where they had hidden compartments behind the walls. My grandfather carried it in olive oil bottles on the streetcar and would get nervous when the bottles clanked together.

He wasn’t born yet when the 19th Amendment passed and was 11 when the 21st Amendment passed.

Asheville had a pretty serious underground bootlegging operation (literally underground).  This is a bootlegging tunnel, now with the majority blocked off, under a restaurant in Asheville called Pack’s Tavern:

Underground bootlegging tunnel from Asheville, NC

Happy birthday, 21st Amendment! | Constitution Daily.