DOMA: House Republicans Poised To Spend $3 Million On Legal Defense

“There’s too much money being spent by the government!” – Congressional Republicans, who are now going to spend $3 million in taxpayer dollars to defend the Defense Of Marriage Act for some reason:

House Republican leaders have signed on to spend up to $3 million to keep defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court, according to a copy of their newly revised legal contract obtained by The Huffington Post.

House Republican leaders took over the legal defense of DOMA in the spring of 2011, when Attorney General Eric Holder announced the Obama administration would no longer defend it on the grounds that they found it unconstitutional. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and other GOP leaders hired attorneys at the law firm Bancroft LLC to represent the House in court cases involving the federal ban on gay marriage — all with taxpayer dollars.

via DOMA: House Republicans Poised To Spend $3 Million On Legal Defense.