Yet they are also against "Sharia"

FAMiLY LEADER Statement Suggests Pledge, Signed By Bachmann, Requires Her To Prosecute Essentially All Porn –

Is it necessary at all to point out the irony?

Christian Aliens and Cosmic Pluralism

Weird ideas can flourish if enough people share a false preconception, and here’s a marvelous article on the history and philosophy of widely held certainty that other planets were inhabited by people. Not just any people, either: good Christian people.

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New NC Budget Goes Into Effect Friday – Republicans Hate Teachers

The budget bill also is requiring local school districts to decide where to cut spending to generate an additional $124 million reduction statewide. Some districts are laying off teachers and teacher assistants.

Thanks, republicans! There’s nothing sweeter than punishing those damn teachers!

Redefining "Atheist"

I like this idea.

Singham’s solution: deep-six the term “agnostic,” and redefine “atheist” to eliminate these ambiguities:

atheist: One for whom god is an unnecessary explanatory concept.

He explains the advantages: This definition leaves little room for agnostics because they will have to answer the question as to whether they think God is necessary as an explanatory concept for anything. If they say “no”, they are in the same camp as atheists. If they say “yes”, they are effectively religious and would be required to show where the necessity arises.

San Francisco, Portland, and Redwoods!

So we have a friend who is running a marathon in San Fran in July, and another friend is getting married south of Portland the next weekend.  We decided it would be great to head to San Fran, stay a few days, then drive north to Oregon via a scenic route.  I can’t wait to see the Redwoods, etc… who’s done any of the drive and has advice?


NC Polling Place ID Law Vetoed –

Evolution is Religion, not Science says Dr. Hovind (Part 1)

When an article has anything to do with Kent Hovind, get ready for headaches and mind-numbing silliness. 

Do evolutionists “know” the earth is billions of years old or do they “believe” that it is? Dr. Kent Hovind, author of the video series, Creation Science Evangelism (available at says that there are no scientific facts that prove that the earth is that old. Thus this “belief” in an extremely old earth is part of the religion of evolution, and has nothing to do with science.

So, when was “the beginning?” Hovind lists over a dozen scientific facts that all point to a young earth. Hovind’s theory is that God created the earth about six thousand years ago.

Here are some of the facts listed by Hovind:

Oh boy. Let’s check on these individually, shall we? Hint: when someone makes a list of 10 “facts” and doesn’t even provide a single source for them, not even a link to another site that agrees with the author, even on the internet where that is always done, be wary. 

Population: The rate of population growth has been steady for the time that we have records. The present six billion is the right number of people to have multiplied from the eight survivors of the universal flood about 4400 years ago. If man had been around for millions of years, the same growth rate would have produced 150,000 people per square inch of land surface.

Wrong. Population growth rate is constantly changing.  Also,

Nobody who has ever studied the population explosion would make such an unwise extrapolation. It is well known that growth rates have increased enormously in recent centuries. Population expert Paul Ehrlich gives world average yearly growth rates of 0.9 per cent between 1850 and 1930, 0.3 per cent between 1650 and 1850, and a mere 0.07 per cent in the thousand years prior to 1650. And in the fourteenth century the population increase must have been very small indeed, and it may even have been turned into a big decrease, because of the Black Death. Ehrlich’s figures are not just guesses; they are based on historical records. These facts show how misguided it is to extrapolate present population trends into the remote past.

(Hayward, 1985, p.136) Hayward was an old-earth creationist.

The planets are losing heat. If they had been formed millions of years ago, they would have no internal heat left given the present rate of heat loss. If a hot cup of coffee were left standing for 400 years, it would have no internal heat left.

“A simple calculation indicates that the average temperature of the interior of Jupiter falls by only about a millionth of a kelvin per year.” (Chaisson and McMillan, Astronomy Today 1993, p.269).  Not only that, but the fact that they are currently losing heat doesn’t mean they always have. They probably have, but it’s interesting that while carbon dating is shunned by creationists because we haven’t watched what happens to carbon over millions of years, they can say Jupiter has always lost heat since it is currently losing heat.

The planet Saturn is losing its rings. They are slowly moving away. If the planet were millions of years old, the material in the rings would have dissipated long ago.

And? Saturn could have started losing its rings right before we started watching it with telescopes, for all we know.

The moon: Space dust accumulates on the surface of the moon at the rate of about one inch for every ten thousand years. Astronaughts found an average of one-half inch, just about what you would expect in six thousand years. Also, the moon is very slowly moving away from the earth. If it were millions of years old, it would have had to start very close to the earth, causing ocean tides so severe it would have drowned every thing on land twice a day.

This rate of dust accumulation is essentially made up.  It was an estimate made decades ago and since proven false. Even creationist groups like Answers In Genesis have rejected it.

That’s 4 out of 11. More to come…